About Julien & Schlesinger, P.C

Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. is a prominent medical malpractice law firm in NYC with an established reputation for superior legal representation. Our original founder, Alfred S. Julien, is nationally recognized as a top litigator, and was president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (now the American Association for Justice). He began a tradition of groundbreaking legal work which led to breakthrough decisions in the law, as well as helped shape the New York legal system. 

Why choose Julien & Schlesinger, P.C.?

Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. has the capability, expertise and personnel to litigate diverse personal injury claims, and has achieved multi-million dollar settlements in the fields of medical malpractice, product liability, labor law, personal injury, premises liability, automobile liability, aviation liability, real estate, and commercial litigation. We have experience in mass tort litigation going back to the Love Canal debacle, in which our firm actively and successfully prosecuted on behalf of numerous families who were displaced and injured as a result of toxic exposure.

As one of the premier medical malpractice law firms in NYC, Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. has unparalleled experience in the analysis and prosecution of medical malpractice claims. We have earned our stellar reputation as an aggressive New York City medical malpractice law firm due to our numerous successes in medical malpractice litigation.  We are also recognized as one of the primary firms in personal injury litigation. 

We get results

The NYC medical malpractice attorneys at Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. had the first successful litigation in New York on behalf of offspring who suffered cancer as the result of the ingestion of DES by their mothers during pregnancy. The medical malpractice lawyers in NYC at Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. specialize in all product liability matters, such as claims for personal injuries caused by medications, medical devices, and faulty machinery or equipment.

Julien & Schlesinger, P.C., has successfully argued before NYC’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, resulting in an order which established the right of a woman to recover for the loss of consortium she suffers in her relationship with an injured spouse, Previously, this type of right had only been recognized to belong to a husband.

The NYC malpractice lawyers at Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. also succeeded in securing an order by the New York Court of Appeals which is relied upon by many persons injured through negligent medical care.  The order provides an extended period to commence suit when evidence confirms that a relationship of trust between an injured patient and a physician extended past the time of the last actual doctor visit.

Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. has secured substantial recoveries in claims brought pursuant to the New York Labor Law, which provides the right of compensation to workers injured in the course of their service at construction projects. 

We have made history

The accomplishments of our malpractice attorneys in NYC now serve as an authority upon which parties injured in New York can rely.  These verdicts we have helped to render support the claims of victims, and are examples of the types of successes this firm has achieved in recoveries for injured parties, even in those instances where a right to recovery has yet to be defined or recognized by the Courts.

Through the course of more than 70 years, Julien & Schlesinger, P.C., has gained experience in the analysis and prosecution of a wide breadth of claims.  The NYC malpractice attorneys at Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. have developed a reputation that sets them apart from all other NYC medical malpractice law firms.  We are a group of malpractice lawyers in NYC who excel in the representation of parties who seek to recover a loss.  That representation comes either through the careful pursuit of a routine claim, or by way of an inventive theory or argument which enables a recovery not easily obatined through routine methods. 

We represent New York

With its offices in Manhattan, Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. pursues actions in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, as well as the adjourning suburbs and throughout the State of New York.

Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. is headed by Stuart A. Schlesinger who, for many years, wrote a monthly column on Product Liability Law for the New York Law Journal. Mr. Schlesinger was also an adjunct professor at New York Law School where he taught a Medical/Legal Trial Workshop. New York Law School has honored him by awarding him the John Marshall Harlan Award.  In addition, Mr. Schlesinger has acted as the chairperson for the Tort Section of American Trial Lawyers Association. He appears regularly in New York State and Federal Courts and is admitted to the United States Supreme Court.

The attorneys at Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. are highly skilled in handling legal issues, and have the special talents and expertise that contribute to consistently successful verdicts and settlements. Our attorneys are assisted by a large and competent support staff, including employees who are fluent in the Spanish and Polish languages. We take special pride in the personal representation and attention given to our clients at a crucial time in their lives; a time when they are seeking justice for an injury caused by the negligence or misconduct of another. 

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If you believe you have been a victim of medical malpractice, contact the NYC medical malpractice lawyers of Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. at 1-866-915-3451.