Securing Help Before You Settle a Case

New York City medical malpractice settlements

It may seem tempting to settle your NYC medical malpractice case immediately.  You or a family member is ill, suffering, and running out of time, money, and patience.  Suddenly, an insurance company or physician offers you what seems like an enormous sum.

But you should not make the mistake of settling your NYC medical malpractice claim without the guidance of a competent attorney.  Here are a few reasons why:

You may have a valid medical malpractice case in NYC and not even know it. Your physician or an insurance company may lead you to believe that settling is the only available option.  This is because settling may be in their best interest, not in yours.  Generally, it must be proven that no reasonable health care provider would have taken the action that resulted in harm. Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. is a firm experienced in malpractice litigation in NYC and can help determine if you have a winnable NYC malpractice lawsuit.

A physician, health care facility, or insurance company will almost always offer a smaller settlement than you deserve in your NYC malpractice suit. One of the reasons defendants in malpractice lawsuits in NYC would rather settle than go to court is that it is quicker and cheaper than bringing the case to trial.  But if your medical professional caused lifelong injury or even death in the attempt to provide care, you will most likely need the financial support only a successful trial verdict can provide.

A  NYC malpractice case can rarely be reopened once it is settled. When a malpractice lawsuit in NYC is settled, you generally must sign a release that keeps you from ever pursuing the claim again.  That means you have one chance, and one chance only, to get it right in seeking compensation and justice in your medical malpractice suit in NYC. 

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