Julien & Schlesinger, P.C. in the News

In the News

Attorney Stuart Schlesinger appears frequently in the news:

  • In a January 13, 2003 Daily News article entitled "City Trips Over Own Legal Work: Slip & Fall Cases Lost by Errors, Study Says," Mr. Stuart Schlesinger is quoted regarding New York City's approach to tort claims, saying, "If they're not going to contest the injury, they should concentrate on settling these cases. Then they'd be able to settle for far less."
  • Mr. Stuart Schlesinger is quoted in a July 25, 2001 Daily News article regarding Lizzie Grubman's case, in which Julien & Schlesinger represents plaintiff Harlan Goldberg, who was injured when Ms. Grubman backed her SUV into a crowd of people.

    Attorney Michael Schlesinger is often quoted in news sources and has frequent television appearances. Recent citations include:
  • An article quoting attorney Michael Schlesinger in connection with civil suits proceeding against Lizzie Grubman, who backed her SUV into a crowd of people outside a Hamptons nightclub, is available on the web at: CourtTV.com
  • In an article that appeared in the New York Post on May 23, 2003, Attorney Michael Schlesinger's was cited as a legal expert regarding the outcome of a high-profile lawsuit against the City of New York. The article, entitled "Cop-Raid Victim's Kin: It's Not About the Money," was written by Eric Lenkowitz and Dan Mangan and is available on the web at: NYPost.com.
  • On May 11, 2002 the New York Post published an article summarizing a case being prosecuted by Julien & Schlesinger on behalf of Claudio Schait, who suffered severe injuries when a van ran into a crowd of people, killing 7 and injuring 10 others. The suit was filed for $10 million dollars. The article, entitled "Death-Van Victim in $10M Suit" was written by Devlin Barrett.
  • In a Daily News article covering the high-profile case involving the incident in which Lizzie Grubman backed her car into a crowd, attorney Michael Schlesinger was quoted saying, "If it's a done deal, we're relieved. The DA's office and the criminal lawyers were working hard to come up with a just solution." Julien & Schlesinger represented Harlan Goldberg in a $5 million dollar lawsuit against Ms. Grubman. The article, written by Brian Harmon and Tracy Connor, ran in the August 18, 2002 issue. Other articles in which Mr. Michael Schlesinger was quoted regarding the same case appeared in the August 17, 2002 and August 24, 2002 issues of the Daily News
  • Michael Schlesinger appeared on CNN Burden of Proof on September 5, 2001. A transcript of the show can be found at: CNN.com
  • In the August 4, 2001 issue of the New York Post Mr. Michael Schlesinger was quoted regarding a case being prosecuted by the Julien & Schlesinger law firm. The article is entitled "Cops Beat me Up for Being Gay: Designer" and was written by Dareh Gregorian.