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JULIEN & SCHLESINGER, P.C. has specialized in the practice of medical malpractice and personal injury civil litigation throughout the State of New York for more than 70 years. They really fight for the people that can’t fight for themselves. https://www.facebook.com/MalmanLaw/

Similarly, JULIEN & SCHLESINGER, P.C. works with highly qualified experts in fields including engineering, architecture and product safety in the prosecution of complex product liability and negligence suits.

JULIEN & SCHLESINGER, P.C. has taken on litigation focused upon a wide variety of claims including recovery for loss caused by negligence in the ownership and maintenance of property; negligence in the operation of vehicles including cars, boats or motorcycles. JULIEN & SCHLESINGER has successfully represented construction workers in labor law claims to recover for substantial injury incurred in the course of construction work.

JULIEN & SCHLESINGER, P.C. takes pride in its practice of pursuing all appropriate claims for recovery on behalf of our clients.

Medical Malpractice lawsuits in NYC

With the benefit of the analysis of highly qualified medical experts, the legal staff of JULIEN & SCHLESINGER, P.C. is recognized as one of the primary firms in New York for the prosecution of complicated NYC malpractice lawsuits and settlements.

In NYC malpractice law, you have a 2-1/2 year statute of limitations, but if New York City is involved, there is a 90 day notice of claim deadline that the patient intends to file the case. The clock starts ticking from the moment that the malpractice happened, so it is vital that patients seek the guidance of a medical malpractice attorney right away.

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